Thursday, August 20, 2015

Robi Comes To Town 5

There's fungus among us
Another month, another ride with Robi.  He got his tattooing done yesterday and we rode this morning.  I was kind of hoping that Jim would be available again and we could all ride the Hardcore 24 race course at Ontario County Park.  I thought maybe we'd all enjoy it and possibly want to do that race next year.  This year's race happened several weeks ago.  Unfortunately Jim couldn't make it so that option was slightly less appealing.
I also considered trying the new Black trail.

Robi and I decided to give the Black trail a try.  Early into our ride we both felt far from 100%.  As we rode more we found the trail was a big contributing factor.  I've mentioned before that the trail surface at OCP is riddled with rocks so it's constant work.  The Black trail was a workout too.  We walked more sections that either of us typically do.  Some days are like that.

It was good to get out riding again and good to hang with Robi.

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