Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 7

I got some more practice in this evening. No big accomplishments, but in general I suppose I feel more comfortable.
I imagine myself on a trail sometimes, but can't imagine how it would be much fun at this point. I get tired too quickly and have I'm in a constant state of instability. I think the continuous over correcting I have to make takes a lot of energy.

Good thing there's YouTube for inspiration.
Here's the kind of casual ride through the woods that I'd like to be able to do someday:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 6

I mostly practiced turning and a bit of free mounting tonight:

Much harder for me...

Another New Unicyclist Blog

Here's another unicyclist who is just starting out and is also keeping a blog:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 5

It started raining about 10 minutes into riding. Nothing too exciting. I practiced free mounting some more in the garage. It was a little too hot in there, so I called it a day.

Day 4

Tonight I rode the farthest ever. Basically up and down the street.
I'm getting better control too.

I've also started trying to free mount. I succeeded a handful of times.

Plus I started practicing my turns. I was able make three circles in the driveway in a single ride! I did several other single circles too. Always turning left.

I think I need to raise my seat up some more. My legs seem to get too tired and I think it's because too much weight is on them.

I continue to progress, so it was a good day!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 3

Tonight I did even better.

I was able to get down the driveway and through the gutter and into the street several times.
On my final run, I actually turned left after the gutter and when down the street to the next mailbox.
That's roughly double my longest distance from yesterday!
And I honestly could have gone more, but I thought I'd try to turn and come back.
But my turn failed.

And towards the end of my session I wasn't having so much trouble veering to the left. I've been moving my left arm closer to my chest to counter that.
That works for now.

I also seem more able to stop myself from falling.
There were a few times I even impressed myself. I came to a complete stop when I felt ready to fall, but then recovered and kept going.

I'm also able to relax a bit more and look around when I need to. It's nice to be able to look for cars before entering the road. haha

I'm looking forward to getting better this weekend. But I'll have to pace myself.
I'm still not used to the seat. Plus I should probably get some other stuff done around the house.

Colin's Videos

Colin is a local muni guy whose videos I stumbled upon.

Click here to see them.

I hope I can get that good.

It turns out the craiglist seller, MJ, who I bought my uni from knows him too.
Sounds like it's a small unicycling world after all!

Day 2

I didn't think I'd get a chance to do much, what with the
thunderstorms. But things dried up very nicely this evening.
I thought maybe not riding would be a good idea.
My inner thighs are sore from the seat. Riding a bike after a long break does that too.

It probably took about an hour to get to where I left off yesterday.
And at the end of today I had a few rides down the driveway where I really felt like I was in the zone.

I got to the gutter at the end of my driveway many times, but could never get past it. But I will.
I definitely have a tendency to pull to the left. It's like there's some weird unicycle gravitational force pulling me over.
But it seemed to just vanish sometimes and I had a more controlled ride. I think it's all about keep the weight on the seat and finding that zone.

I'm feeling quite addicted at this point.

The kids like to make circus references and sing circus songs. But at least it's all in good fun.
At least one teenager in a group looked at me quite disapprovingly. I guess the learning part doesn't look so cool.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 1

I spent about 2 1/2 hours this evening trying my unicycle for the first time.
It certainly isn't easy.
But I ended up getting to the end of my driveway.
I used chalk to mark my farthest distances on the driveway, and tried to beat my record each time.
I always started by holding onto something (a trailer in the driveway).
Most of the time I didn't go any farther than about 5 or 10 feet.

But I did have a few good runs. My record was 67'. I actually brought out a tape measure. hahaha!

Here's that run on my first day:

Thanks to the kids for cheering me on and helping mark my progress.
And thanks to Amy for the videoing!

Apparently this is pretty good for the first day. I'm so glad I had good progress. I'm psyched to get back to it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bought My First Unicycle!

I met up with the craiglist seller this morning and bought it!
I can't wait to give start learning!
Thanks MJ!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Found a Unicycle!

I found a good "learner" unicycle on craiglist. I'd really love to get a real muni, but that doesn't make sense yet. I'd probably just wreck it in the learning process.
The craigslist one is a Cycle Design.

Here's the one I'd like in the end, a Nimbus 26" Muni:

Welcome to Muni Or Bust!

I've enjoyed mountain biking for many years. Recently I found some video clips of people riding trails on unicycles. Mountain unicycling... aka Muni.
It looks like a lot of fun. But first I need to learn how to ride a unicycle!

I plan to use this blog to keep track of my progress.

Maybe some day I'll be doing this:

A ha haaa a haa haaaaaa!!! Mmm hmm hmmm mmm hmm hmmmmm!!!