Saturday, June 3, 2017


I'm still not riding regularly, but today I rode the Hojack trail on my fat tire uni.  Not having ridden, my saddle was uncomfortable and I was feeling saddle sore quickly.
The trail was mostly dry but had some muddy ruts here and there.
I started at the North Ponds Park parking lot along the Hojack trail.  I rode the Hojack then cut through Vosburg to the Big Field, did a lap, and came back.

I noticed some minor trail improvements.  The steep hill trail leading up the Big Field from Vosburg has been changed to a switch back.  It's real nice, but still has some steep parts and I wasn't in shape enough to climb it all.  Maybe next time. I did ride the Overlook trail connected to the Big Field, so at least I hit a bit of real single-track.

I saw four teenager boys in Vosburg and one said "Mr. Weetman"!?  They were some of Kyle's friends.  We said hi for a minute.  Other than that, I saw a fox and a number of walkers and cyclists.
A few pics during my ride: