Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tryon at Sunrise

This morning I rode at Tryon. It was just under 40°F when I started but I warmed up before too long.

Many of the trails were completely covered with leaves. I got tripped up by unseen roots a few times. I hope the Rocket Man cleans things up soon!

My cycle computer and GPS agreed at about 6 miles.

Muni at Tryon - 2012-10-17

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Robi Visits

Robi of Schenectady offered to make the long drive to Rochester so that we could ride some muni!  He stayed overnight and we rode at Whiting and Webster Park this morning.

Forgot to take a picture on the trail!
I met Robi at the past two Schenectady Muni-Only Races and he organized this year's race.  He rides very well, especially given he has only been on one wheel for not much more than a year.

It's always fun to talk with someone who is really into the sport.  I also learned a thing or two from him on the trails.

We rode about 10 miles, but sessioned a number of hills and obstacles.

We're hoping to find some cool spots to ride halfway between Albany and Rochester and plan another meetup.

I'm giving Endomondo a try to display my GPS data:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tryon - Long Time No Ride

After last weekend's ride at Bay Park West I was looking for something new.  I hadn't been to Tryon Park in a while so I figured I'd head there.  I didn't realize how long it had actually been until now.  The last time I was there to ride was in June of last year!

I guess I can justify that because Tryon is a tough place to ride and it's probably best to ride there when temperatures are low.  Today it was about 50°F out which is probably ideal.

There are so many hills and technical challenges.  It's definitely a fun place.  But I found myself stopping to lean on trees and catch my breath after many hill climbs.

I mistakenly took my old GPS receiver, which looks almost identical to my newer one, but because it's not actually a logger (it simply transmits GPS data via bluetooth) I didn't map any of my ride.  It looks like a generally covered the same trails as I did on my last ride there.

My cycle computer seems to have malfunctioned.  It said I rode for only 38 minutes and went about 3 miles. But that's not right because I was there for closer to 2 hours and probably rode at least 6 miles.  I must have a bad connection or magnet position.

I saw a handful of mountain bikers while I was there, some of which I knew.  I also saw some nice trail improvements that have taken place over the past year.  Nice work guys!

My back didn't bother me too bad, but it's still got fatigued at times.  I've been trying to stretch it and do some exercises to help, so I think that might be working.  I also raised my seat a tad.