Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Snow Muni

Yesterday I braved the chilly weather and went for a ride at Tryon. It was about 25°F but it didn't take long for me to warm up. I spent some time trying to ride my first "skinny". It only took about 20 tries! Hahaha.
Here's some video... minus all my failed attempts:

I only saw walker and dog prints in the snow. No tires aside from my own. Some of the trails were hard to find.

The only person I saw was when I about to leave:A friendly bow-hunter. He said he biked the trails too. Nice guy... especially because he didn't mistake me for a deer!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Blues

It's been wet and cold for the past few weekends. I plan on riding even when it's cold, but if the trails are wet I'll just slide around and mess them up.

About two weeks ago I was practicing hops in the garage for a few evenings. But things are busier lately and I haven't ridden in any way for a while.

Hopefully the trail conditions will improve and I'll hit the trails again soon.