Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sold the Geared 29er

Three years ago I bought the geared 29er from one of my Albany friends, Steveyo.  He wasn't riding it enough and it's a pricey item to have hanging in the garage.
Over the years when I've seen Steveyo at events he would asked how the 29er was doing and joked about buying it back.  He was joking, right?
Several weeks ago Steveyo emailed me to say hi and, again perhaps tongue-in-cheek, asked if I wanted to sell the geared 29er back to him.  I haven't been riding so I decided it was fine, and decided he would.  I always thought of it as Steveyo's even though I bought it.  Even the Schlumpf hub has his name on it from the factory (they do that).

Today Steveyo was passing through the Rochester area so we met up.  So now the geared 29er is on its way to Albany.

There's a good chance I'll buy another 29er once I get back into it.