Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bought Another Cheap Uni

I saw another unicycle on craigslist over the weekend and checked it out.
It turned out to be an older 24" learner with lollipop style bearing holders.
It was chrome but was had a fair amount of surface rust on the wheel. For some reason one of the previous owners had wrapped the majority of the frame with black hockey tape.  Maybe it's covering a bunch of rust?  The seller said he got it like that and only peeled a bit of the tape off to find the brand name, but only saw a Sponge Bob sticker.  Yay! Sponge Bob!

The road style tire looked good and the wheel was straight.  But unfortunately one of the cranks was loose, just like the unicycle I bought for Kyle a few years ago. (By the way he still hasn't shown an interest in learning)  Tightening the crank super hard on Kyle's uni seemed to work at first, but since then it's gotten loose again.  That's the problem. Once a crank and spindle get worn from not being tight enough, they might never be right.  But I figured there's a chance I could tighten it ok, and if all else fails I might be able to get the crank welded right to the spindle.  Future maintenance might be hampered or impossible, but I don't really care on a cheap old uni like this.

The craigslist post was for $35, but through email the seller accept my $25 offer before we met up.  After pointing out the loose cranks I offered $20 and the seller accepted.  So I'm satisfied with my purchase.

The seller is a mountain biker and said he got this uni used just to give it a try, but didn't stick with it.  He mentioned seeing a unicycle guy riding at a Fat Tire race.  Hey! That was me!  I'm not sure if it was the Fat Tire Festival or Fat Tire weeknight series.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

P90X - Phase 1 Complete

I'm proud to say I've stuck with my daily P90X workout and I've completed Phase 1 of 3.  Four weeks down, nine more to go.

Week one was the hardest.  I was sore early on and kept getting more sore.  Normally being sore would be an excuse for me not to work out, but I wanted to stay on schedule.  I was only sore occasionally for the next 3 weeks.

The exercises routine push my limits.  On my own I would take much longer breaks between exercises, but the videos keep things moving.  All the routines are an hour, with the exception of Yoga X which is 90 minutes.

I wouldn't have thought yoga would be too hard, but it is.  It takes some good strength and determination to stay in position.  Plus there's a lot of stretching between yoga and the Stretch X workout.  Last fall when I was having knee issues I was trying to stretch more.  I realized I was very inflexible.  So I hope these routines will help me.

The Plyometrics X routine really gets your heart and lungs moving.  It's kind of my favorite for that reason.  It reminds me of how I push myself while riding muni.

The other routines are great too.  They mostly involve push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, arm/shoulder exercises with dumbbells, and abdominal exercises.  It has certainly been better for me than being idle.  I hope to come out of this winter feeling in good shape for riding.

I'm not really following the P90X diet very closely.  I'm just continuing to eat healthy, and I've cut my calorie intake to lose a bit of weight.  It sucks being hungry all the time.  I didn't really have much extra weight to lose, but I was able to lose 5 pounds off my gut over the past 4 weeks.  Hey that's 5 pounds I don't have to carry with me on the trails.  I might lose a bit more, but I think in Phase 2. I should concentrate more on building strength.  If I gain the weight back in muscle, I'll be fine with that.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Syd's Talent Show - 2012

Sydney did some nice unicycling and hooping at her school's talent show yesterday! Kessa got into the act too!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Barracuda Unicycle

I saw a unicycle for sale on craigslist this weekend.  It was $20 and located in my town so I ended up getting it.
It's an older cheap 20" uni that would be good for a kid to learn on.  So I'll put in the garage and have it on hand when the need arises.
The seller said it was her son's from years ago and he didn't stick with it.

One interesting thing about it is that it has training wheels!  I'm not sure those will really help someone learn, but they're interesting.

Here's a picture of what a new one looks like.  Mine has surface rust on the chrome, but that will definitely clean off.  And of course it didn't come with the box.
 From the internet I gather it's a Rand Ross brand.  The model is Barracuda.