Sunday, January 22, 2012

P90X - Day 1

I've been way too inactive lately. I was sick a lot of December and the weather has been crappy and uninviting. So I decided to exercise more inside with the P90X workout.

I did Day 1 today and felt pretty weak. I certainly AM compared to the buff guys in the video.

It's gonna be tough to do every day. Hopefully I'll get through it and be more fit for riding muni. That's my end goal.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Uni Videos

Here are a bunch of my favorite unicycle videos I've seen online. Some street, freestyle, trials, and muni.

Max Schulze's 2010 video with a mix of trials, street, and freestyle. As if the video wasn't crazy enough, he shows off his new MaxWhip trick at 2:15. Woah!

Max Schulze's 2011 video, again with a mix of trials, street, and freestyle. In this one he shows off his front flip! Again Woah!

A quick street video by Kelly Hickman. Lots of stairs and railings

Cedric Vincent riding street. Very cool.

Dan Heaton riding street. I would love to be able to hop like that.

Bobousse's video. Mostly freestyle with some street.

Ryan Kremsater with some serious muni skills near Vancouver. Lots of North Shore features and skinnies.

Claude Magnuson having a good time riding muni. Nothing insane but I like his video a lot. It's the kind of muni I do.

Kris Holm's classic Freeride video. My blog started with this!

Dan Heaton's Columbia Sportwear video.

Derek Schmitt's stillstand for over 18 minutes! You'll get the idea in a minute and skip through. It's like watching paint dry, but you've gotta be impressed.

Zombie problems? The Unicycle Bastards can help.

Added February 12, 2012. Some of the best BC wheeling I've seen.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today the family and I went out to Whiting for a snowshoeing hike.  The last time I remember trying it was when I was a kid on a school nature hike, so I wasn't sure about it.  It turned out to be easy and fun!
In previous winters I only got out to ride muni occasionally and didn't have any other winter sports that interested me.  But cross training has always sounded like a good idea. My wife got me a pair of snowshoes last year but I never used them.  Now I can see myself going out more.

I brought some ski poles with me and they were ok.  But I did some running with Kyle and wished my arms were free.  I don't need handlebars, so maybe I don't need poles either.

I still would like to ride muni in the winter.  In fact on the trails today there were times I wished I was riding instead of snowshoeing.   The trail surface was mostly packed.  The snowshoes were cool because I never worried about slipping or twisting an ankle in areas with icy frozen boot prints. So maybe when we get a lot of heavy snow I'll go snowshoeing, and when the trail conditions are better, I'll ride muni.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coming Back To Life

It's been over a month since my last blog post.  I haven't ridden at all for a long time.
During December the temperatures finally dropped and being outside started to become less inviting. But still it was unseasonably warm so the trails and road never got snowed over.  Trails were muddy and generally not ridable.
Additionally I was sick for weeks with what I think were three back to back colds.  Nothing too crazy, just typical cold symptoms.  I'm still not 100% with slight congestion and tight breathing. So I've been avoiding any strenuous exercise.

Finally the temperature is dropping and we're getting snow that seems to be staying.  I went for a casual ride around the block today after clearing the driveway.  The road is mostly covered in snow, though a bit icy and slushy at the moment.  When plowing, the town's goal isn't to leave a hard packed snow surface.  So for the conditions to be right I need some luck.  It needs to snow a lot so the plows can't keep up, cars need to drive enough to pack the snow, and it has to stay cold.

I hope it snows some more and I can go for a bigger ride soon.