Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BPW = Big Punishing Workout

I vacated work for a few hours and rode at Bay Park West this afternoon.  As always, my heart got close to bursting and I saw stars.  It may have been a bit tougher because of my month hiatus, but I did have a great ride.

I saw 4 or 5 individual mountain bikers and got lots of positive comments, which doesn't hurt.  I kind of like when someone rides behind me but keeps a distance.  I can tell they're interested in seeing what muni is like, so I try to do my best.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2013-07-31 at EveryTrail

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back In The Saddle

It has been a full month since I last rode.  I got sick and the cold took a week to move from sore throat, to head congestion, and finally to my lungs.  I had an annoying cough.  Even after the cough was gone I still felt my chest was tight at times.  Temperatures and humidity were high up until about a week ago anyway.

So finally I got back to riding and went to Whiting and Webster Park.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring my helmet and decided it would be best to go back and get it.  Whoops. Once I got back and started riding I found I wasn't rusty at all and had a strong ride.  I saw a lot of hikers and runners, including a coworker.

Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2013-07-27 at EveryTrail

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Firemen's Parade

This evening the girls went out to the Webster Fireman's kiddie parade which precedes tomorrow's parade and festival.  The kids wear costumes.  Sydney rode her unicycle, and so, dressed as a unicorn.  Kessa rode her tricycle, and so, dressed as... a unicorn.  She could not be convinced to be a triceratops.  Oh well.

In other news, I've was sick for a week with common cold symptoms, and have had lingering chest irritation and "tickle cough".  So I haven't been riding.  Most of the past few weeks has been very humid and extremely rainy, so I haven't missed much.  Maybe I'll get out this weekend.  There's trail work at Whiting on Saturday.  Not sure if I'll do it.

2013 Chevy Sonic
Also, I bought a new car and got rid of the old one.  That's not really muni related, but my old car had my muni sticker on it.  I'm not sure if I'll put another muni sticker on my new car.