Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Blues

It's been wet and cold for the past few weekends. I plan on riding even when it's cold, but if the trails are wet I'll just slide around and mess them up.

About two weeks ago I was practicing hops in the garage for a few evenings. But things are busier lately and I haven't ridden in any way for a while.

Hopefully the trail conditions will improve and I'll hit the trails again soon.


  1. Maybe you can try riding on a treadmill during the bad weather! I bet you can find one CHEAP right after x-mas on Craigslist. Of course I expect video to follow... Heck I'll even come over and throw sticks and stones on the treadmill belt every so often to give you that real ride sensation. Link is for inspiration! See all the great things YOU too could be doing on a treadmill. (

  2. Awesome idea! LOL
    I love that video.