Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Muni at Whiting

Yesterday I checked out Whiting Rd again. The trails were still covered in snow, but were much more packed than last time. I gave it a try and had a great time.
Thanks to hikers, the center of the trails were packed harder and were generally smoother. I stayed to the flatter trails. It's hard to get traction on anything too steep.


  1. #1) Great song choice.
    #2) Camera is nice.
    #3) About that camera angle/view...

    Your speedo better not pop at the seam. I'm not really looking to get more than I bargained for from the top center of the screen as you "Fall Down"... or would that be "Flop Out"...

    Maybe next time you can mix to "Limp Bizkit".

    Just Sayin'

  2. Haha... through the magic of editing I was able to remove that scene.