Sunday, April 18, 2010


Whenever I ride the Webster Hojack trail I try to have no dismounts. Today I rode the entire length and back and had to dismount only two times, once in each direction. The first was a mud hole, and the second was because of heavy traffic at a crossroad. I also stopped at the west end to take a break, but that was the plan.

Mj was considering joining me again today, but wasn't sure. She texted me during my ride to say it wasn't happening, and I managed to reach behind me, unzip the bottom section of my CamelBak, get my phone out, read the basic idea of her texts, memorize her phone number (my phone sucks), called her back, and talked for a minute, all while continuing to ride! Haha... well I guess that's not so hard to do on flat trail. But for a lot of it I wasn't even looking where I was going!
I also took some pictures while I rode.

The section of trail of the east end that leads to the Hojack was crazy muddy. I walked the edge of it. It would have been fun but not worth the mess this time.

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