Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hojack Snow Muni

It's been weeks since I've gotten out to ride. This time of year, there are so many potentially bad trail conditions... muddy, wet, icy, deep snow, frozen boot print craters, windy, frigid. Adding these to the rooty hilly trails makes riding kind of crazy. So, to start out my first snow muni of the season, I rode the easy-going Hojack trail.

6.9 miles according to GPS, 6.8 miles according to my cycle computer.

Muni on Hojack Trail - 2010-12-29

It was just below freezing today. On top I wore a long sleeve skiing undershirt, a long sleeve riding shirt, and a nylon riding jacket. I wore my skiing long underwear and nylon cargo pants on the bottom. I also wore some fleece gloves, but I had to take those off within the first few miles of my ride. I also unzipped my jacket sometime before the halfway mark. Generally I was comfortable, but I was a bit hot by the end.

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