Sunday, March 20, 2011

Syd's Uno and Fun in the Sun

About a week ago I ordered Sydney a new unicycle. It's actually almost identical to her current one, but it has an alloy rim instead of steel. Her rim wasn't straight and steel is harder to true. Plus this new one has a better tire for pavement, where she normally rides. You could say this is a birthday gift, but I don't need a birthday to keep my own kid interested in my passion!

Here are some pics:

It feels like it's slightly better quality than her first uni. Syd seems to like it.

I had fun with my 20" uni also. For the winter, I had messed around with it in the very limited space in my basement. It was good to bring it out in the sunshine. It's a bit easier to hop around on than my 24" muni. Hopefully I can learn some skills more easily on the 20 and then apply those to my muni riding.
Amy took a few pics of me. Not the most impressive, but I was just warming up. And the season has just begun. ;P

I practiced some rolling hops too. For my non-uni readers, that's riding straight at an object and hopping it. Just like a bunny hop on a bike. On a uni, everything's a bit more difficult, but without a freewheel your cranks aren't always in a good position when it's time to hop. For now at least, that means only a portion of my attempts are even possible. Well I managed to do a few rolling hops over 4". It's a start!

I also rode around the block on my 20" while Sydney rode her new 16". Our speeds matched more nicely than on my 24".
Later Kyle wanted to ride his 24" geared mountain bike around the block and asked me to join him. I rode my 24" uni, mostly in high gear and our speeds matched quite well, at about 9 mph. Though it was a very casual ride for him. We ended up riding outside our neighborhood and rode 2.7 miles.

It was a nice first day of spring.

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