Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Ride at Tryon

I rode this morning at Tryon. With the heat, it makes sense to ride early in the day, but it was still hot.
Just like with my last ride at Bay Park West, this was my first time to Tryon this year and a lot of trail work has been done. The new trails and improvements were good, but Tryon is still a very tough place to ride. I still don't know my way around completely, and I think I sometimes ride trails in the more difficult direction. I need to come back and work on picking a smarter route.

In my exploration of energy supplements, today I tried using grape flavored CytoMax powder in my CamelBak water.

I liked the taste a lot. It wasn't too sweet. But did it help me? Of course, once again, it's hard to say. But with a 5 pound canister, I plan on using it again!

There was a big snapping turtle crossing a trail I was on, so I dismounted. He began turning to face me as I walked past him. I think he would have snapped at me if I were a bit slower!

I rode about 5.5 miles. Actually, probably 20% of that was walking. It's a tough place.
Here's my GPS map:

Muni at Tryon - 2011-06-08

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