Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two Parks One Wheel

I hadn't ridden in over three weeks because of the cold and wet weather we've been having.  There were a few days in there that may have been ok but the trails weren't cleared of leaves and I was busy at work.

Today's temperature was unseasonably warm at about 70°F so I had to take advantage.  It felt like I needed to do something bigger than usual.  I have seen ride reports from my mountain biker friends showing how they rode at both Bay Park West and Tryon by riding about 3/4 mile of road.  So I decided to do this.

I started at the Homewood Lane trail head at BPW, rode through in the most direct way possible, all the way to the south end of Tryon.  Pretty much all of the trails have been leaf blown.  Some spots were muddy, as expected.  I saw many people out on the trails: mountain bikers that I know, some I don't, hikers, and joggers.

On my way back I tried to take any reasonable alternative trails to keep things interesting.

I definitely wasn't feeling my strongest, which makes sense since I haven't been riding for weeks.  I didn't make it up many of the hills that take everything I've got.

About a third of my way out of Tryon I pushed hard up a hill and my left calf cramped badly.  I was able to ride within a few minutes, and though I could feel the residual cramping pain, it never came back so intensely.

I worked my way back through BPW but I was running on empty.  My quads started cramping on my last climb up to Homewood.  When I had to walk, I'm sure I looked like an old man.

Overall it was a good outing.  I might want to try it again when I'm feeling stronger.

My cycle computer showed 8.7 miles.  Both parks have tough trails, so this felt more like 15.

Muni at BPW and Tryon - 2012-11-11

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