Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hojack x 2

It was a nice sunny 47°F day.  It's still rather wet out there so I decided to ride the Hojack Trail again.  It's got wet muddy parts but I don't feel too bad messing up that trail.  It gets destroyed in spots without my help anyway, and it tends to heal up ok.

So I rode from home to the Hojack, to the end and back to the trail start.  I've been trying to push myself in preparation for the SingleSpeed-A-Palooza, so I thought about repeating the Hojack to the end and back again.  At the time I felt ok and was just starting to feel a touch of fatigue, but not enough to stop me so I rode it again.

My last 30 minutes of riding were very uncomfortable.  I was saddle sore and my legs were screaming.  Home seemed like forever away.  Once I got there I was ready to collapse.

I rode about 23 miles, which is just a few miles short of the race, but I'm still a little worried.  This was a road and generally light trail ride.  Sure there was some spots of thick mud to power through, but the SingleSpeed-A-Palooza race will be significantly harder.  Though I rode the majority of my ride in my high gear, which is more taxing, and I won't have that in the single speed race.  So that pushes my ride at least a bit closer to race difficulty.  I hope the saddle sore issue will just work itself out with more riding over the next month.

My legs continue to be very tired and I'm about ready to fall asleep.
23 miles, 2 hours 45 minutes.

Muni on Road and Hojack - 2013-03-30

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