Friday, April 15, 2016

And... We're Back!

I finally got back out riding.  I hadn't ridden since last August when Robi was in town.  Life got busy and then the winter wasn't inviting.

Robi was in town again, today.  We rode at Webster Park.  The trails were muddy here and there where it was expected at this time of year.  I brought my saw in my pack and I recruited Robi to clear one downed tree.  We heard a chainsaw in the distance and thought maybe someone was also clearing.  We didn't bother clearing any more, though we never did encounter any one with a chainsaw, nor any evidence of one.  I'll probably bring my saw and do some more clearing next time.  Generally I didn't see nearly as much fallen trees as I have after past winters.

After not riding for about 8 months (wow, that's a lot), I was a bit worried about how I'd do.  It turns out my brain still knows how to ride.  There wasn't really a skill problem.  My muscles on the other hand were not quite up to the task.  I haven't been working out or really doing any exercise since maybe a few weeks in November or December.  My legs would start burning way earlier than when I'm in shape, even on generally tame terrain.  Muni is hard work.  It makes me appreciate the winter workouts I've done in the past when I try to stay in shape.  It pays off at the beginning of the season.  Maybe next year.

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