Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Geared 29er

My new geared 29er was just delivered!

I've been riding a 24" uni ever since I got into the sport 3 1/2 years ago.  It's a good size for technical trails and it seems logical that a smaller wheel will be advantageous on steep hill climbs.  But it's too slow on easy trails and road, so about 2 1/2 years ago I got the geared hub. That's been great.

Still, at times I would wish I had a 26" or 29" uni to see if it would have some advantages.  I've ridden Jamie's 26 before, but it wasn't significantly different.  But a 29er should be big enough to make a difference, not just for an increase speed, but also to roll over things easier. I've considered getting one from time to time.

About a week ago my friend Steveyo from Albany put his geared 29er up for sale.  He has a few other unicycles and just wasn't getting enough use out of this one.  I ended up buying it.
It's a 2009 Kris Holm 29er with a Schlumpf hub from February 2012.  I also got his non-geared wheel, two road tires, a muni tire, a studded snow tire, and some handle bars.

I haven't been out riding since November!  We had wet weather, then I was busy with work, then holidays, and I was sick.  The snow covered streets have been calling to me but I still haven't ridden.  The thought of a faster uni motivates me to get out.

I'll clean stuff up, change the tire, and set it up soon.

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