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Schlumpf Innovations includes a 5 mL syringe of special grease with their geared unicycle hubs.
The same grease can be purchased here.

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Each syringe contains 5 ml of grease

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Is this really the grease shipped with Schlumpf hubs?

I considered buying more grease directly from Schlumpf Innovations but the cost, shipping, and ordering process did not appeal to me.  The owner of Schlumpf Innovations told me what grease he uses so I could find it locally.  It's called Shell Alvania Grease 0974 (formerly Alvania Grease GL 00).  It was only available in a large quantity at an expensive price.  So I'm selling my extra grease in a more convenient quantity, package, and price.

Why not just use bicycle oil or bacon grease?

According to the manual, the Schlumpf Innovation's 5-year warranty is not granted for:

- Damages caused by lack of lubrication... please remember, that the hub has to be lubricated once or twice a year
I spent a lot of money to get my hub, so I want to use the highest quality lube in it.  Based on the description of this grease, I can understand why it is ideal for this hub and why Sclumpf Innovations chose it:

"Alvania Grease 0974 is a semi-fluid grease, which is used primarily in gear, drives calling for a semi-fluid grease. These gear drives are not well sealed and a conventional gearbox oil would leak out."

"a lithium soap grease containing an ISO 680 base oil providing excellent film thickness for gear lubrication contains both corrosion and oxidation inhibitors for equipment protection and longer service life"

"special tackifier is also included to help keep the grease on the surfaces to be lubricated"

"maintains its semi-fluid consistency when subjected to shearing action in gearboxes"

"heavy base oil for a thick lubricant film on parts"

Usable from -20°F (-28°C) to 250°F (121°C)
This grease was obviously chosen by Schlumpf Innovations for its special characteristics. I doubt any bicycle oil or bacon grease will care for your investment like this stuff.

How often should I add grease to my hub?

The lubricant leaks out of the hub through the bearings slowly over time and more needs to be added. Exactly how much leaks out probably depends on many factors like usage, temperature, and manufacturing differences.
According to the manual: "the hub has to be lubricated once or twice a year".
My hub came with a small paper that says "Insert 3-5 ml at the slot screw once a year".

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