Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Riding with Colin and Taylor

I am not aware of many local muni riders. But two of them are Colin and Taylor. Colin is a college student and his brother is younger and in high school. Five months ago, I stumbled upon a link to the Tryon forums and then stumbled upon a post from Colin that had a link to one of his muni videos. It looked like something I wanted to get into.

Colin is in town for the holiday and we planned a ride at Dryer Park this morning. His brother Taylor also went.

It was cool to finally ride with other muni riders. It can be easier to learn skills that way. I rolled over a few logs I wouldn't have tried in the past, once I saw Colin do it.

I also learned about an access road that goes up to the top of Dryer. We used this every time we went up because it's pretty direct. I was able to climb that hill a few times. That's the longest hill climb I've ever done.

Thanks for a great ride guys. I hope we ride more in the future.


  1. Ummm... Colin's tire is bigger. Just Sayin'

  2. Hahaha! Why are you even looking at out tires? Perv. Yeah, you can buy different tire sizes. Mine is 24"x2.6" and his is 24"x3". His black sided rim makes it look bigger too.

  3. Well you should consider upgrading cuz it looks more "manly"... Plus I think his has more mud on it...