Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Road Ride

I doubt any local trails would be very muni friendly right now. It has snowed too much in the past few days. But when I cleared the driveway yesterday, I noticed the road looked pretty good. The plows and cars have left a layer of hard-packed snow. It was about 20°F (-7°C). Brrr.
So today I suited up as if to go to the trails but headed off down the driveway instead.

I rode in my neighborhood and in a neighboring neighborhood. As usual it took some time to warm up. The wind is gusty today and my ears were feeling it. At first I wish I had worn my balaclava, which I did bring in my pack. But knowing I tend to warm up after about five minutes, I waited and was good without it.

I only UPD'ed about five times, and I ran out of all of them. Every one was caused by hitting a thick soft packed patch of snow.
I saw a lot of people shoveling and snowblowing, and some groups of kids playing.
I got one peculiar comment from a guy shoveling, "I guess you get more stability on the ice." Huh? Umm... no.
I almost got run over by a woman backing her SUV out who didn't bother looking. But I saw her.

It was good to get out and keep the muscles working.
My cycle computer and GPS agreed this time at 6.6 miles.

Snowy Road Muni - 2011-01-16

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