Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faster Road Ride

This afternoon I rode the suburban streets, riding faster and farther than I ever have on the street. It was chilly at 26°F (-3°C), but it was unusually sunny for the Rochester area.

I'm getting more comfortable with my geared hub. I had a lot of successful shifts. I think all my unsuccessful shifts were downshifts, which uses my left foot. I found myself staying in my high gear on more inclines. My quadriceps down near my knees got sore, hopefully just from pushing myself farther. I can hardly walk down stairs. Haha. Ibuprofen and some ice should get me back to normal.
I also found my low gear felt lower than ever. It almost felt goofy, just like being in your granny gear on a bike. But that will likely feel different on the trails.

I encountered a few dozen walkers and people in their yards. I told one little kid riding a tiny bike with training wheels, "Hey you've got too many wheels!". Haha.
From two ~10 year old boys playing basketball, "Wow a unicycle!", "That thing rocks!"
From a ~4 year old, "You're really good at that."

I road 15.5 miles (25 km). Thanks to my Schlumpf my average speed was about 8.4 mph (13.5 kph).

Road Ride - 2011-02-20


  1. I gave you a wave when I rode past on Woodhull road. I was on my 'cross bike and you looked like you were tooling right along.

  2. Yeah, I remember... the only other cyclist I saw. Do you ride MTB? Are you on the Tryon forums?