Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today the family and I went out to Whiting for a snowshoeing hike.  The last time I remember trying it was when I was a kid on a school nature hike, so I wasn't sure about it.  It turned out to be easy and fun!
In previous winters I only got out to ride muni occasionally and didn't have any other winter sports that interested me.  But cross training has always sounded like a good idea. My wife got me a pair of snowshoes last year but I never used them.  Now I can see myself going out more.

I brought some ski poles with me and they were ok.  But I did some running with Kyle and wished my arms were free.  I don't need handlebars, so maybe I don't need poles either.

I still would like to ride muni in the winter.  In fact on the trails today there were times I wished I was riding instead of snowshoeing.   The trail surface was mostly packed.  The snowshoes were cool because I never worried about slipping or twisting an ankle in areas with icy frozen boot prints. So maybe when we get a lot of heavy snow I'll go snowshoeing, and when the trail conditions are better, I'll ride muni.

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  1. This post actually saddened me quite a bit. A former co-worker of mine was an avid snow-shoe-er, Being the first I ever met, I always associate the hobby with him. He tragically passed a few years ago.

    Hope you had fun, though.