Saturday, January 21, 2012

Uni Videos

Here are a bunch of my favorite unicycle videos I've seen online. Some street, freestyle, trials, and muni.

Max Schulze's 2010 video with a mix of trials, street, and freestyle. As if the video wasn't crazy enough, he shows off his new MaxWhip trick at 2:15. Woah!

Max Schulze's 2011 video, again with a mix of trials, street, and freestyle. In this one he shows off his front flip! Again Woah!

A quick street video by Kelly Hickman. Lots of stairs and railings

Cedric Vincent riding street. Very cool.

Dan Heaton riding street. I would love to be able to hop like that.

Bobousse's video. Mostly freestyle with some street.

Ryan Kremsater with some serious muni skills near Vancouver. Lots of North Shore features and skinnies.

Claude Magnuson having a good time riding muni. Nothing insane but I like his video a lot. It's the kind of muni I do.

Kris Holm's classic Freeride video. My blog started with this!

Dan Heaton's Columbia Sportwear video.

Derek Schmitt's stillstand for over 18 minutes! You'll get the idea in a minute and skip through. It's like watching paint dry, but you've gotta be impressed.

Zombie problems? The Unicycle Bastards can help.

Added February 12, 2012. Some of the best BC wheeling I've seen.

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