Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Fat Tire Festival

Today was a big race for me.  I raced Sport class at the Fat Tire Festival at Dryer Rd park.

As the only unicyclist, you could say I'm in a class of my own, but I was in Sport because I wanted to do three laps.
That's about 10.5 miles on a pretty tough course, especially for muni.

It was pretty much as I expected.  Doing three practice runs (#1, #2, #3) over the past six weeks and last year's race was good preparation.  Still I had the usual doubts and fatigue I've come to expect during a ride like this.

Also as expected, I had to step off many times when I heard mountain bikers approaching from behind.  It works out fine but does slow me down.

According to my GPS I finished in 2 hours 13 minutes.  As I anticipated from my test runs and last year's race results, I finished with just a handful of expert riders still on the course finishing their five laps.

The crowd and announcer cheered a lot for me when I was in the start/finish area of the field.  Obviously I stand out.  A lot of people were impressed.  Who knows, maybe I made an impression and we'll end up with some more local riders.

Since there was no muni class and I was in Sport, I didn't place.  But when I was cleaning up my stuff to leave, I was given another pint glass to add to my collection.  Awesome!

Fat Tire Festival - 2012-07-21

Thanks to the Town of Victor, the Victor Parks and Rec, GROC, and all the sponsors that made this an awesome event!

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