Sunday, August 26, 2012

Final Red Hill

This morning I rode at Whiting Road Nature Preserve and Webster Park.

Towards the end of my ride I encountered Jeff, the Trails Chair of the Friends of Webster Trails.  We chatted a bit and headed over to a brand new boardwalk on an unopened section of the Green trail.  Even though I'm involved with FWT trail work, there is so much that happens thanks to the other members.  One of our members has organized an astounding amount of work that's been done by scouts and high school seniors.

Bridges, boardwalks, and new trail clearings magically appear!

The new boardwalk I saw today looked awesome, and I bet I was the first wheel and first unicycle to cross it!

Afterward, I headed to the Red trail from the north, to make an attempt at a tough hill climb.  This is the last hill on the Red trail that I haven't been able to climb..  It took me close to 10 attempts, but I finally made it!  Finding the right path and avoiding a pedal strike in one section was key.  Otherwise, the incline isn't that bad.  I avoid a crazy root section by riding along a narrow bypass along the edge of it, which feels a bit like cheating.  I may work on side-hopping those roots someday.

Now the only part of Whiting that I haven't successfully passed is a log-over on the Red trail with a step on each side, and the White trail.  I've only ridden the White trail once or twice because it leads to the Gosnell Big Woods which are off limits.  But I'll give it a try next time.

Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2012-08-26

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