Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spirit Ride

I rode at Whiting and Webster Park this morning because I was excited to try my new Spirit cranks.

Mornings are cooler now and I started out feeling cold, but not too bad.  The cranks felt pretty much like I'm used to, but shifting seemed a touch more difficult.  These cranks have a bit of a bend to them so I think I have to push my heel in even more than before to hit my shift buttons.  It might take a few more rides to get my shift success/failure ratio back up.

I felt like my riding was a bit sloppy because I was stepping off more than usual.  Also my lower back was complaining to me.  It hasn't bothered me like that in a long time.  I'm hoping my new seat post or saddle just needs some adjustment.  I may not have set it up like exactly like my old one.  Or maybe I was just more tired than normal.  I did notice I wasn't concentrating as well.

I cut my ride a bit short at about 8 miles.

Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2012-09-13

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