Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spirits and Fixed Post

Days ago I got my new Spirit cranks to replace my broken Moments but just got around to installing them.  The quality of Kris Holm parts is first class.  These cranks feel like they're from the future.

I also bought a new seat post.  The one I've been using has extra hardware on it to make the saddle adjustable.  The one I got is fixed, though the slotted holes still provide enough adjustment.  I figured it would be lighter but I couldn't find any numbers online so I just bought it.  Sure enough it is about 100 grams (0.22 lbs) lighter.

As long as I have practice making a comparison chart...

Old PartWeightNew PartWeightSavings
Aggressively milled KH Moment cranks - 125mm/150mm444 g / 0.98 lbsKH Spirit cranks - 127mm/150mm431 g/ 0.95 lbs13 g / 0.03 lbs
KH adjustable post (cut short)258 g / 0.57 lbsKH fixed forged post (cut short)158 g / 0.35 lbs100 g/ 0.22 lbs

That's another quarter pound removed.  Most of it is static weight and not rotational, but I'll take it.

I'm actually more excited to have a working muni than the weight loss.

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