Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Muni Ride

I hiked at Whiting yesterday on a mission to update the trail map signs by extending the Green trail.  It was a task I volunteered for with The Friends of Webster Trails.  I used a green paint marker and I think it turned out great.  Eventually, as the green trail grows even more, I'm sure we'll have new signs made.  I noticed the trails looked good for winter muni so I decided to come back today.

I grabbed the 29er off the garage wall only to find the tire was flat.  Not again!  I figured it was probably just a slow leak, so I pumped it up and took it.  I put a hand pump in my pack just in case, but the tire held up fine.

The trail conditions were pretty good.  There was about an inch or less of hard packed snow on the frozen dirt.  The dirt was visible in many places.  It was a bit bumpy in places because of foot traffic when the trail had been muddy.  Those shoe impressions are frozen in place for now.

This was my first real muni ride with the 29er, if snow muni counts.  I removed the handlebar before I left.  I was afraid it would get in the way for muni and I didn't think I'd use it much.  I've been wondering if I'd be impaired with the 29er on hill climbs compared to my 24.  It definitely felt harder and I didn't make any good climbs, but it's too soon to judge it, especially with the snow.  Otherwise, it felt a lot like the 24.

I rode about 7 miles.
Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2013-02-03 at EveryTrail

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