Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Night Winter Muni on Hojack

On my drive home from work this evening I passed the Hojack Trail and noticed it looked nearly clear of snow.  I wasn't expecting the 20 feet section I saw to be representative of the whole trail, but it gave motivation to head out for my first night muni ride.

Outfitted with my new light set, I headed from home on street and rode the length of the Hojack and back.  Actually, I had to fill my tire again before leaving.  I still need to fix that.

It was 20°F out, but with the right clothes it might as well have been 60°F. Though on the return trip my toes got pretty cold.  Also, my CamelBak tube kept freezing up.  I had to make sure to suck some water through every few minutes even if I wasn't thirsty.  A few times it was close to frozen solid.

Riding with the helmet light worked well.  I could see everything just fine.  Most of the Hojack had snow on it but, unlike my recent attempt to ride the Hojack, it was more packed and much more rideable. My back and shoulders still felt it over time.

It was only a little creepy from time to time, what with having a smaller field of vision, and wondering if I was hearing noises somewhere off the side of the trail.  The noise of crunching snow and nylon swishing made it hard to hear much.  The only life I saw was a cat and a rabbit.

It took about an hour and a half.  I rode just under 13 miles.  Overall it was a fun time.

Night Winter Muni on Hojack - 2013-02-06

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