Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Hojack Ride

Continuing my training for my upcoming race, I got out to ride again. With all the rain we got last week, the trail conditions have gotten worse. So I settled for the Hojack trail again.

My goal was to ride it twice again, but unfortunately my right knee was bothering me. I sat and stretched at the far end of the Hojack, and that helped for a while.

The end of the Hojack has a small path that goes down to Lake Rd. When I started heading back after my stretch I noticed a biker heading up from the road. I kept going, knowing he'd pass me in a minute. He did pass me and I found myself instinctively trying to keep up with him. I did well, though I'm sure if he was pushing as hard as me he would have been long gone. He left the Hojack at Klem.

Towards the end of my way back I realized my knee was getting more irritated and it would be best to head home. Hopefully I work it out before my race in two weeks.

I rode close to 13 miles.

Muni on Road and Hojack - 2013-04-14

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