Sunday, April 21, 2013


A coworker of mine, Dustin, recently started learning to unicycle.  He borrowed my learner uni and then my 20" trials uni to get better.  His progress has been impressive.

A few days ago I helped broker his purchase of a KH 26 from Mj.  Today we met up at Vosburg Hollow in Webster and rode on the Hojack, through Vosburg, and the Big Field.  He had some impressive UPD-free runs and can successfully free mount most of the time.  He also made some good progress.  Obviously just riding offroad was a great start, but he also got better as our ride went on.  The Big Field trail was good for getting started on climbs and descents.

Here's a little video of him riding on the Hojack:

It was a more casual ride for me with a lot more resting. Though there were a few hill climbs to power up in Vosburg and up to the Big Field. Hopefully my knees will be ok.

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