Friday, November 29, 2013

Early Snow Muni

I can't remember the last November when we had snow that stayed for more than a day.  We got a few inches several days ago and it seems to be sticking.  Today looked like ideal snow muni conditions.  It was 27°F out, sunny, and no wind.  So I rode at Webster Park.

pitted trail
It didn't take long for me to remember the pains of riding muni in the snow.  If the snow isn't smooth then it's a battle.  I saw trails that were fairly smooth and rode well, and some that were pitted with footprints and could barely be ridden.  There were enough difficult sections to leave me fairly unsatisfied.  We need another few days of high traffic on the trails to smooth them out.  Maybe it wasn't the best ride, but I know conditions will be better some time, so I'll be back.  It was good exercise too.

My GPS receiver must have gotten confused and didn't start logging until I was into the Midnight Trail.
Muni at Webster Park - 2013-11-29 at EveryTrail

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