Thursday, November 7, 2013

Night Ride on the Hojack

I missed out on the 60°F+ weather yesterday and didn't get out to ride.  Tonight I settled for the low 40's.  I also wanted to experience another night ride.  My last one was in February.

I rode the Hojack, starting from my house.  It started out cold and the wind was chilly.  I had a head wind as I rode west, but I still warmed up as I rode.  I had a few dismounts due to some small mud pits, and when I stopped at roads for cars.

I saw a few bunnies and a fox, and only one person walking on the road.

My lower back felt sore, probably because I've been working out more, but also because I was a bit more tense when I rode.  It was harder to relax because much of the trail was leaf covered and parts were soft, and of course it was dark.

It rained lightly during parts of my ride, and hailed for about a minute.

Night Muni on Hojack - 2013-11-08 at EveryTrail

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