Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stuck In Winter

Time keeps going by and I'm not getting any great opportunities to get out and be active.  It's the same old story... busy at home or work, bad weather, or bad trail conditions.  If it's not the coldest temperature in years, it's raining.

So in the meantime I'm continuing with Insanity workouts, about to finish my third week.  I hope I can keep pushing and I hope these workouts have a positive impact on my muni in the spring.

Despite my dissatisfaction from last year's Singlespeed-a-Palooza race, I'm considering it again.  Registration isn't until February 2nd, and the race is April 13th.  Some of my Albany area muni friends have been pushing to make a good showing this year.  It's cool that the race organizer has added a Unicycles class this year.  I kind of want to try again and see if I can redeem myself.  Last year I didn't finish.  I need to stay in shape, not get sick or injured, and train better.

Here's a video from last years event that was just brought to my attention. I spot myself in there a few times, but Claude is interviewed:
SingleSpeed-A-Palooza: The Movie

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