Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow-Packed Road Ride

Not my pic.  Road conditions were similar, but much
less rural and more suburban.
This morning we have a bright blue sky, a snow-packed road, freezing temperatures, and not much wind. A perfect winter road muni day! A few hours later I was disappointed the blue sky had turned to white, but oh well.

I rode the area roads I've ridden before and tried to add in as many optional routes as possible. My goal was to get some good distance to continue my training for the Singlespeed-a-Palooza. I had my gps logger in my CamelBak so it wasn't until I got home did I really determine my distance of 20.7 miles. A good start. It's not quite the same as riding challenging trails, but riding in the snow does take some extra strength, and I had some good head wind at times.  I was able to stay in my high gear for all but getting started after a dismount.

I had a handful of UPDs, all uneventful except for the one in the last few miles. My uni got caught up in my legs and my left knee got banged. I continued to ride and found it only hurt when I pushed hard. Once I got home I found swelling above my knee. I don't expect it to be a problem.

It was cold at about 14°F, but I dressed right and only my chin was cold, though never dangerously cold. My CamelBak tube froze up whenever I waited to long to drink, but I could flex it and get water moving as I rode.

I'm proud to say I've continued to stick to my Insanity workout schedule, aside from days when I've ridden, which I think is reasonable.   I'm halfway through, and it sounds like it's going to be more intense, with the routines now having "Max" in the name.  I did feel like I had more endurance today, and I can only attribute that to these workouts.

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