Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hojack with Kyle 2

Awesome weather this weekend.  50's and sunny.  Today I decided to ride but choosing where was a chore.  I thought of West Bay but my 24 uni still in pieces in my garage since the last time I swapped parts to my 29, and I'd prefer it on those trails.  The problem is I only have one brake and moving it from one uni to another is tedious.  I should probably buy another brake soon.

For today, I didn't want to spend time moving parts so I chose to ride where my 29er would be fun.  Also, Amy wanted Kyle to get some exercise before he played video games, so I decided the Hojack would be best.  Kyle rode his mountain bike.

The ride was good and about as exciting as can be expected for the Hojack.  The areas that are muddy continue to be muddy.  Kyle didn't complain that I was going too slow or too fast, but I suspect he could have ridden faster on his bike.

Looking back, I did an almost identical ride a year ago with Kyle.

We rode close to 13 miles.

At one of the crossroads, a man who looked like a runner made some comments, and mentioned a unicyclist named Eric Scheer who rode some big rides and something about Mt. Washington.  I had never heard of him, but he shows up on Google.  Anyway, just leaving myself a note here in case it comes up some day.

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