Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 3

Tonight I did even better.

I was able to get down the driveway and through the gutter and into the street several times.
On my final run, I actually turned left after the gutter and when down the street to the next mailbox.
That's roughly double my longest distance from yesterday!
And I honestly could have gone more, but I thought I'd try to turn and come back.
But my turn failed.

And towards the end of my session I wasn't having so much trouble veering to the left. I've been moving my left arm closer to my chest to counter that.
That works for now.

I also seem more able to stop myself from falling.
There were a few times I even impressed myself. I came to a complete stop when I felt ready to fall, but then recovered and kept going.

I'm also able to relax a bit more and look around when I need to. It's nice to be able to look for cars before entering the road. haha

I'm looking forward to getting better this weekend. But I'll have to pace myself.
I'm still not used to the seat. Plus I should probably get some other stuff done around the house.

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