Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Battle Continues

This morning I went back to the Whiting Rd trails to attacks the hills some more.

On lap one of two it took me 3 tries to get up the first hill. I was a little disappointed not to make it the first time, but hey, it's an improvement. And it's the second time I've ever made it.
I didn't do all that good on the second big hill. Oh well.

On lap two I again had trouble on the first hill. I can't remember if I just tried once or a few times, but I do remember that my tire slipped on the wet dirt and I fell forward. I just put a hand on the ground, so it was no big deal. But after that I was feeling a bit whipped so I moved on. The second hill gave me even more trouble. The approach is really a couple of very short but somewhat steep mini hills. I UPD'ed on both somehow. By the time I was attacking the main hill, I was pretty spent and not concentrating a whole lot.

Maybe I should spend more time on these hills, and do only a single lap next time.
Or maybe I'll take a break from Whiting and check something else out.

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