Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trail Maintenance and Ride

This morning I helped out the Friends of Webster Trails with some trail maintenance. We removed some corduroy (a log path in a muddy area) and created a new trail. There was a good turn out so the work went pretty fast. Some of the work seems to create trails that are too flat in my opinion. I guess the hikers like that, but more adventurous people on wheels usually prefer a trail with some character.
Some of the bikers from the Tryon forums showed up, so that was cool.

After the work, I went home for lunch and Kyle and I came back. Kyle jogged ahead of me while I rode muni. We did go for very long, just up to the Midnight Trail and back.

The leaves really are a killer. I can't see any roots, so I UPD a lot more than normal.
I know some people actually blow the leaves off with leaf blowers. One of the Tryon guys mentioned he has some kind of leaf blower setup for his bike and can ride through at 6 or 7 mph to clear leaves. I'm thinking I might just try walking through some of the trails and blowing leaves. I think most of the leaves are down at this point, so it should then be good for a good while. The trails dry up a lot fast with no leaves too.

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  1. So what you are sayin' is that "Leaves Blow". Oh how many ways to look @ that phrase. Especially if yer a Muni rider I reckon...