Saturday, June 19, 2010

Webster Park Revisted

At the end of September I rode at Webster Park and I found the trails weren't that great. Many were too rooty and just when I was having fun there would be another hill down to a stream and then a hill back up. Almost all of the little bridges are built with a 6 to 8 inch step up on each side. With my lack of hopping skill, that means a dismount and a step up. I lose momentum and flow.

So this morning I went back in an attempt to map some trails out with GPS and record some additional info. I've got my GPS receiver and I set my camera up to take a picture every 10 seconds. That ended up being nearly 1200 images! I also brought along a recently purchased voice recorder to record any thoughts I had along the way.
I don't yet have a work chain to create a trail map annotated with images of interest and comments, but now I have some data to play with.

For now, here's a map of my trip:

Muni at Webster Park - 2010-06-19

My feelings haven't really changed at this point about Webster Park. Too many trails seem to be maintained poorly. Some have almost impassable mud pits. There are a fair number of fallen trees that should be cut away. There are too many valleys down to little streams that I have to dismount for. And the number of intersecting trails is insane! It's so easy to get lost and turned around. I HAD to use my GPS to get out, despite recognizing I was on trails I had ridden just an hour ago.
Hopefully, I can map out an ideal route to ride and I'll avoid all the annoyances of these trails.

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