Saturday, September 26, 2009

Webster Park

I rode at Webster Park this morning. No bicycles allowed, unicycles welcome. Right?

I parked at the Whiting Road Nature Preserve parking lot, crossed the street to the trail head, and in on the trail I know. This time I went north on the West Trail all the way up to Lake Road. The trail is not particularly unicycle friendly. It had too many sections of unrideable roots and hills. I won't bother with it again. I began to worry that all the trails at Webster Park, aside from the Midnight Trail, were going to all be bad for unicycling trails, but I did find some better ones elsewhere in the park.

A funny thing happened on the trails. I was coming to a T and already chose to turn right. Just as I'm approaching, a pack of about 5 to 10 kids jogging by, in the direction I planned to go. They were probably about 12 to 13 years old. I don't think they really even saw me. So I turn to follow them, and glance the way they came, basically checking for more traffic. I see the rest of their pack coming my way! At that point it was too late to change my mind, so I just merged into traffic. Behind me I heard "Cool! Off-road unicyclist!", and "That's so cool!" repeatedly. I road with the herd for probably about 30 seconds until a log blocked the trail. It seemed kind of ridiculous. What are the odds of turning onto a trail just at that time?!!

I forgot the map I had printed, and so I basically got lost. Towards the end of my ride I was on a gravel road and asked a camp ranger which way to go to get to the Mohawk lodge, since I new the Midnight trail was there. He didn't suggest anything about not riding the trails. He did ask if it was hard to get up hills, and I explained.

So I basically learned that the West Trail sucks for me, and the more southern trails are pretty good. Here's basically where I rode (black line). The squiggly mess is where I got lost and just kept riding different trails.On my way out from the Midnight trail I intentionally dismounted for an unrideable
hill and somehow fell backwards. I landed on my back but my CamelBak padded the fall completely. Unfortunately my mean pedals bit me.
The skin just looked scratched at first, and took a minute to bleed like this. So it wasn't too bad.

I may go back there and explore the southern trails I did. It'd be cool to learn them, so I actually know where I'm going.


  1. Time for knee/shin pads my friend (-:


  2. Yeah, I've thought of it, but I hate putting extra gear on. I guess if I start doing more risky riding, like hopping, I might change my mind.