Monday, July 26, 2010

And Then There Were Two

I just sold and shipped my 26" Nimbus muni away to Indiana. Enjoy it Noel!
I only road it a handful of times, and only in the neighborhood. It really looks brand new. I wanted to see what a 26" uni was like. While it was faster, I ended up liking the control of the 24", and figured a geared hub would give me my speed.

Like my Onza, it's better off being ridden by someone than living on a hook in my garage.

Now I'm down to two unis: my 24" "learner" and my KH 24 geared muni.
I'll keep the learner in case someone nearby wants to try learned. Come on Frank... I know it's calling to you! ;-)
And of course the KH is now my one and only muni. It stays!

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