Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whiting Progress

I rode at the Whiting Rd trails this morning. It wasn't super hot and there was low humidity. Finally! I felt strong, despite not being very active lately.

I was able to ride some hills I've never done before. Going counter-clockwise on the Orange trail, I can ride it all. But my biggest accomplishment was riding the final hill of the Yellow trail riding from west to east. I did it on my second run, and it actually seemed pretty easy. On my third run, I didn't make it. I think that's proof that technique is the key. Still, I've never ridden the orange or yellow without dismounting. I've made it through every hill and obstacle, just never in a single ride.

I talked to a mountain biker, Michael, who I've seen at Whiting before. We talked about possibly riding at Dryer together.

I also met a mountain biker at the parking lot, Louis. He sounded somewhat interested in learning to ride muni.

I rode 10 miles:

Muni at Whiting - 2010-07-31

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