Saturday, November 13, 2010

West Bay Trail Work and Ride

This morning I did trail work at West Bay Park. I was there for 3.5 hours helping out. We benched a long stretch of trail. Things are really looking nice there.
Afterward I wanted to ride. I went home for lunch and came back to try it out.
As expected it's just too hilly with not enough flat between climbs.

The trail work has made it better, but it's still hard.
I started at the new parking lot on Orchard Park and did some riding. I got a bit discouraged by the hills. But then I saw another old friend from high school, Damian, and his family. That was cool. He mentioned the trails starting off of Homewood Lane were a bit easier. I've ridden those before, and he's right. After getting back to the parking lot, I saw I had ridden less than two miles, so I decided I had enough energy to try the trails at Homewood.
It was cool to see some of the new improvements over in that area too. There are some nice boardwalks made of rough sawn pine and lots of benching has been done.
It's still not my favorite place to ride because of the hills. But I'll have to keep working on it.

My cycle computer says I road 3.97 miles with an average speed of 4.3mph. Shorter and slower due to hills.

Muni at West Bay - 2010-11-13

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