Sunday, April 3, 2011

Checked the Hojack Again

The ground is still too wet to be riding the trails with messing them up, but I rode the Hojack again anyway.
I don't really think it's a big deal, because the spots that are muddy should really be fixed anyway. And I see other people actively using the trail, even a casual biker.
I didn't see any of my past tracks from my last ride, so I'm not sure what effect it had. No snow at all this time! Yay!

Last time my lower back was killing me. I later realized I had left my tire pressure very high because I has been riding the streets more. The hard tire didn't absorb all the bumps left from the freezing and boot prints. This time I lowered my tire pressure and things were much better.
I made a lot of good shifts, but I'm definitely finding down-shifting more difficult. It might be because I have less coordination with my left foot. A bunch of times I failed to down-shift about 5 consecutive pedal rotations as I was heading into a muddy area, causing me to dismount.

Again, not the most exciting of rides for me, but it's good to get out, work the muscles, and practice shifting.

My cycle computer says 12.8 miles, average speed 7.1 mph.

Hojack, Etc - 2011-04-03

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