Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick and Rainy

Two weeks ago I became sick with bronchitis. After a week or so, it mostly went away, but the tight irritated feeling in my upper chest still lingers. And I still have an annoying dry cough.

Aside from a bit of hopping in the driveway on Saturday, I haven't been out riding.
But even if I wanted to ride the trails, we've had so much rain it would undoubtedly be a muddy mess.

I guess it's good that my bronchitis overlaps the crappy weather. But the whole situation is frustrating. I wanted to get stronger early in the season. Instead I feel like I'm getting weaker.

It sounds like the persistent lung irritation left from bronchitis is common, and it can last many weeks. Hopefully I will be done with it soon. And hopefully by then the trails will be dry and ready to ride.

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