Saturday, April 9, 2011

Springtime at Whiting

Today I rode at Whiting and Webster Park. It was still wet and muddy in places, but most of it was ok.
This is my first real trail ride this spring. The Hojack doesn't really count because it's so flat.
I definitely felt a bit out of shape. I got winded faster than I used to at Whiting and didn't make it up all the hills I know I can. Because of that and the muddy conditions, I only rode one lap through Whiting and Webster.
I did make it up the hills in Webster Park.

I was able to use my high gear in a few places. But in many places where it's flat, I was too spent to consider using it. I preferred to take it easy, knowing I'd need the energy for whatever was up ahead.

It was just shy of 50°F according to the weather report. I wore shorts, a poly t-shirt, and a poly long sleeve shirt. Less than a mile in I had to remove the long sleeve shirt and felt perfect the rest of the time.

I forgot my GPS this time, but my cycle computer said 6 miles.

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