Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Ride, Possible New Rider

Today I rode at Whiting and Webster Park.  Fall is certainly here and with temperatures in the mid-50's I was concerned about what to wear.  I always forget at what temperature I should wear long sleeves when I ride.  Thankfully I have my blog for reference and in the past I wore long sleeves when in was in the 40's but ended up getting hot and switching to short sleeves a mile into my ride.  So short sleeves were fine today.  For convenience I should make chart showing temperature and appropriate muni clothing.
I was surprised that the cooler air irritated my breathing a bit. It doesn't seem cold enough for that yet.  Maybe I'm still getting acclimated.

My ride was fairly typical.  The trails are mostly covered with leaves, but it doesn't bother me like it once did.  Though a few hills in Webster Park have so many leaves it affects my climbing.

My Schlumpf hub worked fine.  I don't really notice any of the problems with it when I'm riding.

My left knee was good up until about mile 7 when it gave hints of getting sore.  I decided to play it conservatively and headed back to the car, but I had enough riding to not feel disappointed.

The highlight of today's ride was stopping to talk with a family.  The dad recently saw a unicycle race and became interested.  He's looking to get a unicycle and learn to ride.  He also got into snowshoe running last year, and that's something I've been planning for the upcoming off-season.  So hopefully we'll get together sometime.

I rode 7.5 miles according to my cycle computer.
Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2011-10-23

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